Call on Canada's Government to End Factory Farming!

It’s time to end factory farming in Canada!

Factory farms are cruel to animals, disastrous for the planet, and horrible for human health. They’re also the perfect breeding ground for infectious diseases. Factory farms pose a substantial risk of causing another pandemic, potentially more contagious and deadly than COVID-19.

Despite this, the Canadian government continues to spend billions in taxpayer dollars subsidizing large-scale factory farming — one of the most destructive and abusive industries on the planet.

In 2021, the Canadian government has already pledged $1.7 billion dollars to factory farms. This funding helps this cruel and destructive industry thrive. Canadians are concerned about animal cruelty, the impact on climate change, and the risk of infections diseases on factory farms.

It’s time to put an end to factory farming for good. Sign the petition today to tell the government of Canada it’s time to end factory farming!

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